Wednesday, November 1, 2017

First Blog

Hello!  Here is my first blog.  I will be there Exploring many aspects of furniture and decor, especially industrial style.  The industrial style is experiencing a rebirth and proliferation these days.  With modern minimalism, people are finding new ways to incorporate the sleek modern look of industrial design into their living spaces. New, construction type materials are finding a new place inside homes, such as cement on countertops and floors, reclaimed barnwood.  is showing up as accent walls, or on ceilings, and metal in the form of pipes, wire or in sheets is finding its way into cabinet door inserts, taking shape as towel racks or table legs or table tops.   The new industrial movement, if it can be called such, is incorporating principle of recycling and upcycling into new or redesigned places.  Ways in which to transform walls so that they have the  rough hewn industrial  feel, ways to soften some of the harshness that may accompany industrial pieces, and ways to  blend industrial looks with other styles will all be addressed in future blogs.   I will also discuss what  actually is industrial style or furniture and what is not, and the background out of which industrial style evolved.

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